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 Welcome to Green Valley Townhouse Association 5
 Green Valley Townhouse Association 5, Inc. is one of the oldest HOA's in Green Valley, AZ.  Original incorporation in the State of Arizona was in 1964 by the Maxon Company, the original developer, and it remained that way until November 1966, when there were enough residents to take over the operation of the Association as a 55+ community.  

 As one of the first neighborhoods in the original township, Green Valley Townhouse Association 5 is affectionately known by its residents as the "Gateway to Green Valley".

    A homeowners association (HOA) has numerous functions.  For homeowners, it provides a level of continuity for the community; it preserves architectural integrity and is responsible for the maintenance of any common areas.  In doing these things, the homeowners association protects and maintains property values.

   With the purchase of a home (or lot) comes automatic “membership” in the Association, involving reciprocal commitments, obligations and responsibilities for both the Association and homeowners. These obligations are described in detail in our document of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, also referred to as "CC&Rs" or "restrictive covenants."

   Members of the HOA have a responsibility to occupy, maintain and act in accordance with the restrictive covenants. There is a financial obligation to pay assessments, as well as a commitment to contribute to the overall community well-being in actions and deeds. Apathy or diviciveness by individual members undermines the intention of continuation of the "community concept” and neighborhood cohesiveness.

   The HOA has a collective goal to maintain the quality and lifestyle of the residential development by fair administration and enforcement of the Articles of Incorporation, CC&Rs and Bylaws.  Taken together, these declarations govern the conduct and activity of the residents; protect the rights of owners, residents and guests; set standards required for property upkeep; define membership, voting and organization; and define the roles of the directors who will be acting on behalf of the Association.

   In Green Valley Townhouse Association 5, Inc., resident volunteers serve as directors on the Board as well as Neighborhood Advocates, who act as a voice for resident on each street. These volunteers work to meet community goals and achieve a balance between enforcing covenants and restrictions among neighbors while also upholding the rights of individual owners. In turn, owner/resident members are expected to work with the Association for the benefit and well-being of our community to maintain property value and promote neighborly relations in a peaceful and pleasing place to live!

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