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General Email:

Mailing Address: Green Valley Townhouse Assoc. 5, Inc.

                                    PO Box 920, Green Valley, AZ  85622-0920


2024 Board of Directors:

President, Ronnie Hill

Vice President, Courtney Bobbitt

Secretary, Rich Stottlemire

Treasurer, Sharon Foster 

Director, Andrew Williams


Property Maintenance Committee 

Andrew Williams – Compliance Leader

Ken Humfleet – Property Inspector

Rich Stottlemire – Infraction Witness

Architectural Committee 

Committee Chair, Andrew Williams

Tony Dinardo

Sharon Foster


Architectural Alteration Request Form

> Do I need a permit? Click here

> Board Approved Exterior Paint Color Palette

Safety Committee 

Committee Chair, Andrew Williams

Ken Humfleet

Linda Lewis

Rich Stottlemire

Nancy Walls


Legal Action/Rules and Regulation Committee 

Committee Chair, Andrew Williams

Jennifer Dinardo

Tony Dinardo

Linda Huckabee



Ken Humfleet

Website/Communications Editor 

Cameron Perry (contact)

Green Valley Council (GVC) Representative/Alternate

Courtney Bobbitt/Ronnie Hill

GVC Communications, TBA



Green Valley Recreation: 520/625-3440

Green Valley Sheriff Auxiliary: 520/351-6744

Nurse Practitioner/GV Fire District: 520/428-0550 (Note: Urgent Care in home M-F by appointment only)

Resident Lock Box/GV Fire District: 520/625-9438

Snake and Desert Pest Removal/GV Fire District:  520/629-9200

Trash Removal-Republic Services:  520/745-8820     For new service, identify yourself as a resident of Green Valley Townhouse Association 5, Inc. for a special HOA rate. There is no setup fee, if you have been charged a setup fee when you started service, call Customer Service and ask to have the charge removed.

Green Valley Council  To get the latest information go to  You can also call 520/648-1936 or send an email to: 


Always Dial 911 for emergencies.  Green Valley is under a special umbrella of protection from the Pima County Sheriff's Department (PCSD).

Community Mediation Available

  The Green Valley Council has been offering dispute resolution services or mediation to member HOAs for several years.  Mediation is a viable process to resolve conflicts that arise within and between HOAs and between homeowners and preferred vendors.  It is usually desirable for parties involved in a dispute to try to reach an agreement voluntarily, thereby avoiding legal and/or court costs.  


  Mediation is a confidential process.  It involves an unbiased volunteer who facilitates and moderates a discussion to enable parties to speak more easily.  The mediator does not have any authority to make decisions or enforce settlements agreed to by the parties.  The end goal of the mediation process is for the parties, themselves, to arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution, which all involved parties can honor.

While conflicts, in and of themselves, are neither positive nor negative – when conflicts are unresolved, they are apt to escalate, and real or perceived differences can interfere with constructive communication or action.  To better help deflect conflicts within the Green Valley community, the Council is expanding its services to include all of Green Valley’s residents, businesses, investors, etc.  Examples of the kind of disagreements that might be mediated include conflicts with neighbors, co-workers, and landlord-tenants.

  The Council has been working with the Family Center for Community Dialogue, which provides services to all of Pima County (, to form a partnership, whereby trained, volunteer mediators from both organizations would be involved in the mediation process.  The mediation would be held in Green Valley, and potential parties would be able to contact either organization to initiate the process.  

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