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    We are an active group of homeowners who enjoy various activities in and around Green Valley, but every once and a while we enjoy getting together to catch up with one another - especially to celebrate holidays!

    Our "Neighborhood Socials" give us an excuse to eat, drink and be merry together!


"Mr. Cooper!"

Luckily, one of our homeowners is Susan Hershey – a tremendously talented photographer who spotted a juvenile Cooper's Hawk in the neighborhood!

You might see Mr Cooper chasing a few doves or quails around your block – or maybe even perched on your wall!


Meeting Our New Neighbors!

New neighbor, Bill Wells Jr and Millard Burr getting acquainted

Bill's wife, Kay Wells and Betty DeVoto sharing some strawberry pie

Courtney and Beverly Bobbitt chatting with their new nextdoor neighbor, Kellee Thorpe

Newly arrived from Alaska, Dani Mains  sharing a laugh with Claudette Haney

Many folks joined in, including (l. to r.) Al Foster, Rich Stottlemire, Mary Clare Lynch

Del and Marge Gray

Rich Stottlemire, Ken Humfleet, Susan Hershey

Kellee Thorpe meets Pat Black

Cinco De Mayo!


April 2023

  Blasts from the Past!

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