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Board Meeting Minutes*

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January 2024 (draft)

September 2023 April 2023 • January 2023

April 2022 January 2022

January 2020

July 2019 • April 2019

*Note: General (Annual) Meeting Minutes are classified

as Drafts until formally approved at a subsequent General

Membership Meeting.


   Annual Meeting:  Note that our Annual Meeting shall be typically held in the month of January of each year at Friends in Deed (301 W Camino Casa Verde) or at an alternate location formally announced.

  Board Meetings:  Typically regular board meetings shall be held at Friends in Deed (301 W Camino Casa Verde) from October through May, whereas the Summer months are reserved for organizational work by the Board and Committee volunteers.  Meeting dates are posted in Gateway Gab (see Events & Info page).

GVTH5 Property Maintenance Committees:

Property Maintenance Committee

Andrew Williams – Compliance Leader

Ken Humfleet – Property Inspector

Rich Stottlemire – Infraction Witness

Architectural Committee

Committee Chair, Andrew Williams

Tony Dinardo

Sharon Foster

Safety Committee

Committee Chair, Andrew Williams

Ken Humfleet

Linda Lewis

Rich Stottlemire

Nancy Walls

Legal Action/Rules and Regulations Committee

Committee Chair, Andrew Williams

Jennifer Dinardo

Tony Dinardo

Linda Huckabee

Committee Reports:  Below are summaries for the Property Maintenance Committee, Architectural Committee, Legal and Safety Committee, and the Rules and Regulations Committee.  Please click on the appropriate link for the requested report. Each Committee convenes on an irregular basis and only when a need dictates. On average, a Committee will meet three times a year. Occasionally, the Director of Property Maintenance will also post an update. 


To ensure privacy, all Courtesy Reminders, Fine Notices and approved Architectural Alteration forms are listed by GVTH-5 Lot Numbers. Please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Williams if you have any questions. The email address is

Committee Reports: 

Director's Report   Attachments  4.19.24  •  Director's Report   1.19.24

Budget Report   4.19.24   Budget Report   1.19.24

 ARC Jurisdiction Statement  4.19.24  •  Architectural Committee Report   1.19.24

Legal and Safety Report   1.19.24

Rules and Regulations Report   1.19.24

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