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A little bit about us.....

   According to information from the US Census Bureau, the Green Valley CDP has a total area of 26.3 square miles; at inception, her borders were Duval Rd to Mission Twin Buttes Rd and Abrego Dr to La Cañada Dr.  The majority of the residents now are dispersed along a 10 mile-long ribbon which runs parallel to I-19 and the Santa Cruz River Valley.  It is flanked by the beautiful Santa Rita Mountains on the East and the reclaimed slopes of the copper mines to the West.  

   Green Valley, itself, is an unincorporated community, managed by civic-minded volunteers.  In 1964, it was these same volunteers that staffed our Sheriff and Fire departments and founded The Country Fair White Elephant Thrift Store.

   Townhouse 5 is comprised of 52 townhomes and is located north of Esperanza Blvd. between La Cañada and I-19 (not including the commercial property to the East and West).  It includes the frontage road on Esperanza Blvd. as well as Las Yucas, Los Pinos, Los Olmos and Los Robles. 


Green Valley, it's Inception and some interesting history.....

   In and around 1959, R. Keith Walden, the founder of Green Valley Pecan company (and considered virtual father of Green Valley) along with the Maxon brothers, Don and Norm (Chicago architect and developer) had a vision for a true retirement "community."  They fell in love with this area, naming it "Green Valley" and started what is now the place we all call home!!

  Our own Green Valley Townhouse Association 5, Inc. residential sites were built and established as an HOA by the same Maxon brothers who turned over ownership on July 31,1964. The Association at that time was known as Green Valley Residential Site Association, Inc.

   The Maxon brothers worked with FHA funding and 2 non-profit sponsors (the University of Arizona Retirement Foundation and the New York State Teachers Retirement Fund) as they set out to build 1,150 apartment units within a 3,000 acre area that would include shopping facilities, a golf course, lake, medical facilities, Fire & Police and more!

In 1964 the Villas East and West were built as 1 and 2 bedroom apartments one could rent for $45 per month for the 1 bedroom floor plan and $55 per month for the 2 bedroom model. 

   Of special note, these units were built with hallways and doorways that were wheelchair accessible, years before any handicap laws were put into place! The apartments would also provide access to a very new and special concept... social centers that were free to all residents!!  The East Center was the first of the social centers offering activities that included golf (what is now Haven Golf Course), wood shop, card games, tennis, shuffleboard, pool, classes of all sorts, dances and even free bus service to Tucson.

• The first HOA was "The Fairways"

• The first library, an original resident volunteered space in 2 closets of their home!

• The first "Country Fair" was in 1964.  A group of women in the community got together for a makeshift yard sale and raised $146.20 which they in turn donated to the community to help its local residents.  This community group is what we all know now as our own Country Fair White Elephant Thrift Store. Through their fundraising efforts, they have donated monies in excess of $31 million to our local community in its 54 year existence.

• The first medical services facility is now the business complex in the parking lot behind The Arizona Family Restaurant.  See "Medical Area" on picture below and left.  By the way, do not miss text at bottom on pricing of homes!


The image at right is a conceptual drawing of what would eventually become our Green Valley Village Shopping Mall at 101 S La Cañada, on the corner of La Cañada Dr and Esperanza Blvd.

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